Attitudes Towards Caffeine Addiction

By: Brad Manock


      coffee      As I write this I am sipping on some coffee. I am what you would call a “caffeine addict” if caffeine was a more hardcore drug I would probably be in rehab or dead right now. But luckily caffeine is not taken too seriously so, here I am. In this article I will discuss some of the odd things that happen when caffeine people, like me, interact with people who do not understand the feeling of caffeine addiction and withdrawal


A Whole Pot of Coffee?

            One day I was talking to a co-worker about drugs. He had casually mentioned the fact that he has tried meth in the past and some other experiences with hard drugs. I tried to have a calm and intellectual conversation about the subject. The mood shifted when I mentioned that I have never smoked or done hard drugs, but I am addicted to caffeine and drink about a pot of coffee every day. This co-worker replied in a surprised tone, “How do you drink a pot of coffee.” Now this surprised tone caught me off guard since this co-worker had just discussed how he had tried meth. What was I suppose to say? “I just pour it in a cup and drink it from there and I re-fill the cup until the pot is empty.”


Are You High? You Look Really High

            Every time I go a day without caffeine and I go out in public, someone always asks if I am high. Apparently, my face on days where I go without caffeine look exactly the same as a face of a person who just smoked a lot of marijuana. I think that my natural level of energy and enthusiasm are low enough that I NEED caffeine just to get back up to that ‘normal human being’ level of energy. When I deny being high people usually counter with “it is ok if you are just tell me” it is clear that people rarely believe that my ‘high’ look comes from caffeine withdrawal rather than marijuana.


“If You Want To Save Money, Brew Your Own Coffee”

            It annoys the hell out of me whenever I see some article about financial tips and one of the tips is “stop going to Starbucks and brew your own coffee.” I always brew my own coffee so this seems like an ignorant assumption that all caffeine addicts go to Starbucks. That would be like saying “if you want to save money, how about NOT throwing cash off of tall buildings every day.” Financial tips on the internet never seem to be about generating more income, only about reducing expenses. I don’t know why there is this mental link between caffeine and Starbucks. If I mention to someone that I drink a lot of coffee, they will reply with “that’s so stupid paying $4 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks.” No, I make my own coffee at home.


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