Does Running From Danger Make You a Coward, or Smart?

By: Brad Manock


         danger   I have a friend that I have had for a very long time. Occasionally my friend and I would go for a walk up and down a road called “Wolf Lake Road.” Sometimes when we would do this it would be night time since that is usually when I hang out with my friends. This road, and this whole area, has been known to have wolves in it even though I had never seen a real one in person before. One day during this walk my friend said he saw a wolf, so I ran all the way back to the house. When my friend arrived back at the house he said “I was kidding dude” and then proceeded to make fun of me for running. Is it cowardly or smart to run away from vague danger that may or may not exist? That is what I will discuss in this article.


“That’s Right, I’m Telling Everyone!”

            When we got back to the house with my other friends, the friend I had went on a walk with proceeded to tell everyone how I was such a pussy for running away even when there was no wolf actually there. This friend was not the smartest person in the world so for him it felt good to have some kind of ammunition to make fun of me with.

            One of my other friends seemed to agree with my decision to run before confirming the danger. In a situation where there may or may not be danger, getting a couple of extra seconds to take action can be very valuable. It may have been stupid to run in that particular situation though since it involves an animal, animals tend to chase things.


What Would This Type of Situation Look Like?

What happened to me, “dude I know I said there was a wolf but you ran and there wasn’t even a wolf.”

What similar situations would look like:

          “Dude I know I rang the tornado siren but you all went to your basements and there wasn’t even a tornado, I was kidding, pussys.”

          “Dude I know I said there was a shark in the water but I was kidding, you got out of the water like a pussy and there wasn’t even a shark”

          “Dude I know I pointed this gun at you and pulled the trigger but it was full of blanks, you flinched and yelled like a pussy, the gun wasn’t even loaded”


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