My Experience with Getting Robbed

By: Brad Manock


            I live in the middle of nowhere, so for most of my life my family would always keep the doors unlocked. However a couple years back, we came home to find all of our valuables gone. My mom’s jewelry was all gone. My coin collection and video games were all gone. We were pissed off and shocked. The experience of getting robbed can alter behaviors of the victims in a way that creates some odd situations. In this article I will discuss some of these situations.


CSI Isn’t Real??!

            In the days following the robbery, we had to deal with the cluster-fuck of getting insurance money to replace our things. We also had the police come over to our house to look around and see if they can help us figure out who committed the robbery. I told the police officer who visited our house that I thought there was a fingerprint on a particular coin which they could use to find the thief. The police officer gave me an annoyed look and softly told me “the state crime lab won’t run fingerprints for something like this.” This statement was said in a way that implied I watch too much television and that this same type of request is often made. What the fuck? They make fingerprinting seem like the very first thing that is done on and that it is easy. The police officer pretty much shrugged in a way that said “tough luck” and left the house.


            Apparently there was some type of technicality that made the robbery a low priority to the police officer since the door was unlocked. Had the robber broke a window or something to get in, it would have been “breaking an entry” which is a higher priority case. So we ended up changing our habits to help prevent a future robbery.


Keep The Doors Locked

            We began to lock the door religiously when we had never locked the door in the past. So now whenever I visit my mom’s house I reach for the door knob and attempt to open it out of habit, only to find that it has been locked. Each time I attempt to turn a locked door knob I am reminded of the robbery and a feeling of “fuck those fucking Mexicans who robbed us.” Now here’s the odd part, we never found out who exactly robbed the house. Basically my subconscious brain was being racist and implying that Mexicans were responsible for the robbery as opposed to anybody else.


            Now to my defense, it almost certainly was Mexicans who robbed the house. I lived in a very small town that consisted entirely of either: rich white people who live in decent houses, and Mexicans who live in the trailer park. The Mexicans (probably) who robbed my house must have had a sense of entitlement that justified the robbery in their own mind. I think there must have been an attitude of steal from the rich and give to the poor. So what was the overall aftermath of the robbery? Basically every time I attempt to enter the front door I am reminded of the robbery and my subconscious goes through some racist thoughts. If only the police officer took the time to take the fingerprints to the state crime lab, they could have confirmed that “yes these are ‘Mexican’ fingerprints.”


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