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The Process of Turning 21 Years Old

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image34281By: Brad Manock

            This past year I hit the big milestone, my 21st birthday. Turning 21 years old is a big deal where I live in Wisconsin. I am writing this half a year later but I still remember some of the factors that came up when the two forces of the socially awkward guy factor clashed with the expectations of turning 21. Living in the state of Wisconsin where the inhabitants appear to drink alcohol constantly out of necessity to survive the freezing temperatures amplifies these expectations of an individual who is turning 21. In this article I will discuss these factors that impact awkward 21 year olds specifically.

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Reasons Going to Parties Can Be Annoying as a Socially Awkward Person

partyBy: Brad Manock

                When I talk about parties, I usually am referring to the gatherings of drunken idiots that are a nightmare for awkward people like me. I am comfortable around small groups of people, three or four other people tops. Parties seem to be an unavoidable staple of life that every awkward person will have to suffer through at some point. I am not “anti-fun” though it might seem that way so far; I am anti “lots of strangers, most of which are complete assholes that will die without ever contributing anything meaningful to the human race.”  That a little harsh? Nah. This article will walk through the process of a large party through my awkward perspective. Continue reading