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What Happens When You Throw Cake in the Trash in Front of a Fat Kid?

By: Brad Manock

        cake    Growing up, I was a little bit on the heavier side (fat). I didn’t exercise very much and I ate anything that tasted good and nothing that didn’t. My grandmother was a professional cake decorator. She would bake cakes all the time for: birthdays, weddings, whatever event that needed a cake. I spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ house growing up. My grandma is a very nice person, she never said “hey if I’m baking cakes, that shit isn’t for you ok?” In this article I will be discussing some of my experiences of being surrounded by cake that I wasn’t allowed to eat.

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Cooking During My College Career

ramenBy: Brad Manock

         I have just finished my college career. For several years I had the stereotypical college diet including pizza and ramen. Now I have discussed in a previous article about how time-consuming college work tends to be. The more effort I had to put into cooking things the more time would be taken away from homework. However once people pick up on my eating habits they think “you are lazy” so in this article I am going to discuss this food/time relationship that is often not thought about.

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