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Attitudes Towards Caffeine Addiction

By: Brad Manock


      coffee      As I write this I am sipping on some coffee. I am what you would call a “caffeine addict” if caffeine was a more hardcore drug I would probably be in rehab or dead right now. But luckily caffeine is not taken too seriously so, here I am. In this article I will discuss some of the odd things that happen when caffeine people, like me, interact with people who do not understand the feeling of caffeine addiction and withdrawal

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Why “Social Norms Surveys” are Painful as an Awkward Kid

By: Brad ManSocial norms surveysock

            Occasionally I will see a billboard or some kind of statistic talking about drugs or alcohol use in high school. This data would be gathered using “social norms surveys.” Back in middle school and high school there would occasionally be a “social norms survey” that would be filled out by every kid in the class. These surveys would ask questions about: drugs, alcohol, sex, and basically things that no socially awkward kid has ever been involved with. In this article I am going to discuss the experience of filling out one of these surveys as an extremely awkward kid.

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