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What Happens When a Straight Man Speaks with a Lisp?

By: Brad Manock

          group  I have had a little bit of a lisp for my entire life. A lisp is when someone attempts to create the “s” sound and a “th” comes out instead. My lisp is caused by crooked teeth on my bottom row right where my tongue meets the teeth when making the “s” sound, letting a little air through. Now this should be a very insignificant thing, but because we humans are such social creatures, a little inconsistency with speaking can cause a lot of damage to a person’s life. Especially since lisps are considered to be a trait exclusive to homosexuals. In this article I will discuss some of the frustrations involved with having a lisp.

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My Experience Driving a Prius and the Social Stigmas Involved

priusBy: Brad Manock

            I currently drive a blue Jetta Prius, there is a stigma that goes along with driving a Prius. If you are unfamiliar with the Prius stereotypes it is basically that Prius drivers=homosexuals. My previous car needed a new gas pump and I chose to get rid of the car and then I ended up getting a Prius. (Yes, straight people are allowed to buy a Prius though most choose not to.) In this article I am going to describe some of my experiences as a Prius owner.

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