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What is a “Real Job” Anyways?

By: Brad Manock


        jobinterview    Now that I am out of college, my family expects me to get a ‘real job.’ I have a part-time job at UPS as a box unloader and I am spending most of my time building up passive income streams and potential businesses. But building up income over time does not seem to be considered a ‘real job’ in our society. In this article I will discuss what may be a ‘real job’ and why.

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Job Searching/Interviews with No Work Experience

jobBy: Brad Manock


            I grew up in, basically the middle of the woods, not much civilization to speak of. So there was no opportunities for gaining work experience growing up. When I moved to an actual town with businesses, I was fighting an uphill battle in my first job search because I was very awkward and I had no experience. In this article I am going to discuss the struggle of gaining employment without any experience.

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