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Why is Nothing Good Ever On TV At Night?

By: Brad Manock

Nocturnal People Need Netflix!

tvI have been working the night shift for the past three and a half years. I work at night and sleep during the morning. There are plenty of social oddities that I have uncovered in my time as a nocturnal individual, most of them involve the expectations of others and being viewed as lazy by “normal” people. However, one of the things that I have noticed is the fact that there is rarely anything good on TV from about midnight to six in the morning. This is usually not a problem since I have Netflix where I live, but when I visit family during weekends this lack of good TV content at night becomes very obvious. Even though nocturnal people work as hard as people with traditional working hours, we are part of a minority. I have noticed myself drifting more to the unbiased online culture as opposed to the mainstream culture since the mainstream culture doesn’t seem to exist during my active hours. In this article I will discuss some thoughts about why there is rarely anything good on TV at night.

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Zombies + Time = Comedy

By: Chris Fenton


zombie      Today, there is no point in hiding your face during a movie about zombies. Chances are the movie has humor and satire in it. Open your eyes, because there are zombies happening. The reason there is humor and satire in, what is supposed to be scary zombie movies, is because they are pointing out flaws that would not make sense for us to be afraid of in the first place. For example, the original zombies, before 28 Day later (2002) couldn’t run. This would make it funny to run from mindless things that just walk. Zombies have been scary, threatening, and just uncomfortable to people for as long as they have been around. So it only makes sense to humor people’s feelings, by making them feel humor. Continue reading