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Reasons Team Sports are Awful for Socially Awkward People


By: Brad Manock

            I am a fairly competitive person. I am awesome at things people don’t care about however I am awful at things people do care about. Foosball and air hockey are two games where I am awesome and rarely lose, unfortunately people do not care about foosball and air hockey. I am awful at football, basketball, and baseball. In other words the things that people DO care about. For me, you can calculate how good I am at something if you know how much people care about that thing. The better I am at something, the less people care about it. I remember as a kid I would be pressured into joining sports that I was awful at, all the while quietly wondering “why the fuck isn’t pokemon a sport or anything else I am actually good at?!” In this article I will discuss team sports from the perspective of an extremely awkward person. Continue reading