Thoughts about Swear Words and Why the “F-word” is So Popular

 swearBy: Brad Manock

            Alright let’s get this out of the way immediately, the “F-word” in question here is “Fuck.” It will be used many times in this article. This used to be a word that was taboo to use in anything except the most emotional or extreme situations. However these days it is used almost like a comma would be used. Just use the word “fuck” in every sentence or two. In this article I am going to discuss the usage of the word “fuck” and where it might spread in the future.


No List?

            When you are a kid, you are not presented with a full list of swear words. That would make things far too easy. You are left to figure that out by yourself. You are also not told that there are different levels of swear words, once I figured out a couple of these words I was simply told that they were “bad words.” So growing up, I had no concept of these different levels of swear words. On the bottom level were things like “shut up” and “stupid” which really are not swears at all, just a little disrespectful, so the adults in my life told me that these were bad words. Then the next level up would be words like “damn” and “hell.” The level after that would be what would normally be recognized as swear words; things like “shit” and “fuck.” Then the last level of bad words would be the words that are still taboo even in the adult world; things like “cunt” and “nigger.” When kids figure out that there are such a thing as “bad words” the parents need to tell them about the fact that there are different levels of bad words. It is very odd to grow up thinking the phrase “shut up, you’re stupid” was just as bad as saying “fuck you nigger” since I had no concept of these levels until later on. Knowing about these different levels of swear words is important so that you pick the appropriate ones in certain situations. If you are in a “fuck you” situation and then you say “shut up, stupid” they will not take you seriously at all. On the flip side, if you are in a situation where you are slightly annoyed, but nothing more, and you say “fuck you asshole” then there is an awkward vibe like “WOAH where did that come from?!” Knowing the appropriate swear words in the appropriate situations is critical for social skills.


What The Fuck?

            So now why the word “fuck” specifically, why has that grown in popularity so quickly? Well it is one syllable, so it is easy to say, and it has a large number of usages and meanings. Perhaps some time in the future, it will be used so much that there will be a “fuck” button right next to the comma on every keyboard. Perhaps there could also be a “fuck” symbol the same way there is an “and” symbol.


“Don’t Say ‘Um’ It Makes You Sound Stupid”

            When I was younger, and my friends couldn’t think of something to say they would always initiate a drawn-out “ummm” until they figured out what the next word they wanted to say is. However it seems that, over time, “umm” has been replaced by “fucking” as the default phrase spoken to fill time while thinking. At least this is true in the Midwest. Different cultures and languages use different words or sounds as an “umm,” for example Japanese people use “ano,” but at least in the United States Midwest, we use “fucking.” An example might be talking to someone about their day and they are like “so I went to the fucking store and got some fucking… burritos” they will be sprinkling it throughout their speech without consciously thinking about it.


            “Fuck” seems to be some sort of magic wild-card adjective of a word that can be plugged in anywhere and have it work. It can also be used for just about any grammatical symbol. It can be used as an exclamation “what the fuck!” It can be used as a question mark “what the fuck?” It can be used as both at the same time if it is aimed at something that someone else did “what the fuck!?” If my car won’t start I can tell people, “that fucking thing won’t start,” as long people know what the noun in question is, the word “fuck” can be used to describe it. I think I have finally gotten a hold on swear words and how they should be used, hopefully I have covered all of the basics in this article. Perhaps in the future, there will be new, not-yet-invented swear words to replace our current swear words after our current swear words become part of normal speech. If you were offended by this article then I don’t give a…fucking…what’s that word? Fuck


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