Top 7 Random Awkward Quotes from My Life in 2013

donkeyBy: Brad Manock#1 – “That girl is pretty hot for being bald”#2 – Friend sips on vodka “This stuff really gets you fucked up”
I sip on my water “This stuff really gets you hydrated”

#3 – “There is a rock in the house”
“What are you taking about?”
“The party rock…is in the house tonight”

#4 – Mexican friend: “The boarder patrol is coming”
Me: “Shit I don’t want to go back to Canada!”

#5 – “So if Asians come from Asia, Mexicans come from Mexico, and black people come from Africa. Where the hell do Native Americans come from?”

#6 – “Why do they call it Donkey Kong? I mean, donkeys don’t swing through trees”

#7 – (referring to my haircut) “It doesn’t look that bad, if I was a forty year old women, I’d fuck you.”


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