Why Wednesdays Should Be Added to the Weekend

By: Brad Manock

         calander   Most people recognize two days as being part of the weekend “Saturday” and “Sunday.” Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a third day? Most people would choose either Monday or Friday as the third day of the weekend. However I would choose Wednesday. This would create a break in the middle of the week and make it so that there is never three work days in a row. Sure it would not be the week”END” at that point, but I don’t have a better word for it so I will refer to it as the weekend. In this article I will attempt to make a case for Wednesday to be added as an official day of the weekend.


Why Not Monday or Friday?

            I find that if I do nothing for too long, it is very difficult to get my mind back into (work mode) again. Having either Monday or Friday as part of the weekend would cause the minds of many people to shut down and get back into “work mode” more slowly. When I had three-day weekends from school growing up it was a big deal. People would ask me what my plans were, because obviously I needed to have plans for such a large chunk of time.

            Whenever there would be a three-day weekend growing up, my family would travel somewhere and take me with. People have this odd attitude when it comes to free time, they feel that they need to expand their activities to fit into the amount of time they have. If I had a paper in college that was due in a week. It would be completed a day before it was due. People have this negative attitude towards doing nothing or doing what they want to because it is perceived as being lazy or wasting time. Having a weekend that is three day in a row really would not do very much to reduce the amount of stress in peoples’ lives.


What Will This Accomplish?

            The goal of adding Wednesdays to the weekend is to reduce stress, Wednesday would be the best day to add to the weekend to accomplish this goal. What is the largest cause of stress? Other people, and their expectations. Having one day off in a vacuum surrounded by two work days would create a day that can really only be used for: unwinding, relaxing, and stress reduction. Today’s culture is so high-strung with stress and anger. The thing that makes me most stressed out and angry is other people who are stressed out and angry first that interact with me. This collective stress reduction would create an exponential effect that would make the quality of life better for everyone.


Won’t You Have “A Case of the Mondays” Twice Then?

            Having a “case of the Mondays” refers to the fact that people tend to use Monday as a transitional period back into the work week. Monday would be the equivalent of dipping your toes in and slowly getting into the water instead of jumping in. Wouldn’t this happen twice a week if Wednesday was part of the weekend? No, since we have five work days in a row we seem too subconsciously start off slow.

When people work, they have the mentality of a marathon runner instead of a sprinter. Since people know that it is going to be a long and stressful work week they will half-ass it on Mondays the same way a marathon runner starts off slow until they “find their pace” that they can run without getting burnt-out early. If Wednesdays became part of the weekend, within about a month people would have mentally trained themselves to hit the ground running as soon as they begin working instead of subconsciously forfeiting on Mondays as a transition period back into the rhythm of the work week.


End Result?

            There would be happier, less stressed out people who are more productive in their work environments. There might be a little bit of a sacrifice in terms of productivity for the first few weeks but after that, I believe that the performance on the other four days would make up for that pretty well. If I ever own a business that has employees, Wednesday will become part of their weekend.


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