Why American Politics is Outdated

By: Brad Manock

     voting       Isn’t politics fun!? A bunch of old white people yelling at each other calling each other biased and using a bunch of other words I don’t understand. Democrats and Republicans? Liberals and Conservatives? These are words I have heard hundreds of times and I still have no idea what any of those words actually mean. I think our society has advanced past the point where traditional politics is useful. So what do we replace it with? That is what I will discuss in this article.


Total Democracy?

            Ok, democracy, I know that word. That is where people vote and the most votes wins. In history class we are taught that the political system exists as it is because it would be very impractical to make everyone go out to the voting booths for every single issue so we, instead, pick people to make decisions for us. This creates a hierarchy of authority and power where not much gets done unless the other people in the system agree to get it done. This is a pretty inefficient system. If only we could replace this system where each individual American has a say. Right now, politics is just a middle man between the opinions of the people and results, how can we get rid of this middle man.


The Democracy App

            It seems likely that in a few years, maybe a decade, everyone will have a mobile device and internet will be available everywhere. In the woods? Hell yeah you have internet there! I think once we get to that point of technological advancement, we will be able to have a total democracy. Each mobile device could have a “democracy app” on it just like how every ipod now has a calendar and weather apps on it. Every time any type of issue is up for debate a notification will go to everyone in the country, each individual can vote on the issue and have the “total democracy” that our history classes told us was impossible.


Why Would This Be Better?

            There would probably be a lot of extreme change at the beginning, but eventually the rate of change would level out in a way that was comfortable. Maybe there would be something like: “should gay marriage be legal?” or “should everybody be allowed to carry a gun?” Decisions would get made within a 24 hour period instead of dragging out bitter arguments for years. Perhaps there could also be notifications sent only to people within a state or city in additional to national votes.

            Not very many people vote these days, we have become advanced enough technologically that even going outside to vote feels like a major inconvenience. With an app that literally puts the voting booth in their pocket, many more people would vote. You would REALLY have to not give a shit about a topic not to vote at that point. If the goal of politics is to get the opinions of the highest number of people possible, this would be the best way to do it. People will still hate each other for having opinions different from their own but at least with a “democracy app” they could know if their opinion is a part of the majority or not. Politics falls under the category of “necessary evils” for the functioning of our society. Would it really be good to let everybody vote in such an efficient way? Ehh…probably not, most people are stupid. But it sure would make things more interesting.


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