Why I Hated The “Scary Movie” Series

scaryBy: Brad Manock

            The whole “spoof movie” concept seemed to be popular for a while but seems to have finally died down. Growing up I was a very sheltered, only child. I didn’t have any older siblings to secretly educate me with the relevant information that I would not be given by family or school. So naturally when I began to make school friends they would want to show me this super funny thing known as the “Scary Movie.” However since I was never allowed to watch movies over the PG rating I would not understand any of the references and it would make the group viewing experience very awkward. In this article I am going to discuss the experience of watching one of these spoof movies in the presence of friends, while not knowing any of the references.


HAHAHA!…I Don’t Get It

            In the world of stand-up comedy, references is considered very low in the hierarchy of joke quality since it excludes anyone who doesn’t know the references. The “Scary Movie” series is made up almost completely of these reference jokes. This series was very popular when I was around 12-13 years old, which is when most normal kids already began watching these more edgy or gory movies secretly. People naturally seem to like sharing funny things with their friends, so when they would watch the “Scary Movies” and laugh their ass off and they would think “I gotta show this to my boring friend Brad.”


            When you share something funny with a friend, you tend to watch them the entire time to see if they are laughing as much as you did. So I would get invited to a friend’s house, they would put in the movie, and they would watch me watching the movie. The “Scary Movie” series focuses on spoofing horror movies, which I was not allowed to watch until much later. So I would be sitting there with a “what the fuck is this” look on my face. However since I knew my friends thought it was funny, I would try to force a fake laugh whenever I saw someone else laugh.


…..I Still Don’t Get It Actually…Sorry

            After the movie was finished, my friends would ask me about what I thought and what my favorite parts were. Of course, since I had no idea what just happened, I would try to deflect these questions. This was rather easy since they were very interested on telling me their favorite parts. I would just say “yeah it was really funny” since it would have been awkward to say to them “I thought it was stupid and I have literally no idea why anybody likes this movie.” My friends didn’t understand the difference between truly funny things and references so I would not have been able to explain to them why I thought it was stupid. If I had told them that I didn’t like the movie they would just say “dude you are really boring.”


            It is very awkward to have to fake laugh throughout an entire movie while being looked at by all your friends. The “Scary Movie” franchise was a favorite among my circle of friends for around a decade. There were five different movies in this series and my circle of friends would put me in this situation four or five times for each movie. So this is an experience that I had to go through around twenty times throughout my youth.


Oh Now I Get It, That Was Stupid

            This is something that I never even really thought about or understood until recently when I started watching all of the old “classic” movies that I have heard of but never watched. There have been so many times where I would watch a movie and then understand the references in the “Scary Movies.” If I re-watched the series now, I would probably understand it a lot better since I have actually watched the movies being made fun of.


            Growing up I was always viewed as being a little stupid. But looking back, it is sad just how much people are judged based on odd, culture specific knowledge. I would never be able to communicate with peers for very long because I didn’t know any of the relevant movies, I didn’t watch sports, and I didn’t have any knowledge of anything considered relevant. Humor falls into this same mindset. The “funny kids” growing up were not actually very funny at all, they would just quote movie lines and act like an asshole all day. The “Scary Movie” series was basically that same asshole kid in movie format. I’m glad that series is finally over, who wants to go watch Paranormal Blacktivity with me?


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