Why Isn’t There an NHL Team In Wisconsin?

By: Brad Manock

          hockey  I have lived in the state of Wisconsin my entire life. In terms of professional sports the Green Bay Packers of the “National Football League” are the focal point. We also have a professional baseball team and a professional basketball team. However we have no professional hockey team. This is surprising considering Wisconsin is a state that is frozen most of the year and full of fat people. In this article I will discuss why there is no pro hockey in Wisconsin and why there should be.


Nobody Shows Up To Watch Amateur Hockey

        One of the reasons I have read about in my research involves the fact that Wisconsin has a semi-pro hockey team. The argument is that not very many people show up for these semi-pro hockey teams and therefore an NHL team would not do well. This is bullshit, this would be like saying to a small child, “of course you wouldn’t eat any candy bars, you didn’t even eat your broccoli, you must not be very hungry at all.”

College Hockey in Wisconsin Is Not Very Popular

            This is another common argument against having an NHL team in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Badgers hockey team is not very popular. The Badgers basketball team is much more popular around here. Why is this? It is because Badger basketball games often get on TV and hockey games do not. There is a catch-22 with the popularity of sports since a sport cannot become popular unless it is on TV a lot but TV stations will not show them a lot unless it is popular.

You Have an NBA Team, Isn’t That Enough?

            I have had several discussions with people about sports in the state of Wisconsin. When I bring up the Milwaukee Bucks professional basketball team, I have had people tell me that they didn’t know Wisconsin had an NBA team. We usually only acknowledge the existence of a sports team if that team is doing well and is easy to follow on TV. Professional basketball players tend to stay away from cold areas. Since Milwaukee is very cold compared to some of the other NBA cities, they tend to prefer teams located further south. There is also the fact that the NBA has basically no parody, only a few teams are truly competitive each season. In the NHL there is a lot more parody since just about every team has a legitimate shot at a championship every season. Since our NBA team is always at the bottom, there is no point for us to ever watch an NBA game. It feels like WWE wrestling in the sense that there are characters who only exist to make the stars look better. That is what the Milwaukee Bucks are in the NBA, a stepping stone to make the star players look better.

But The Chicago Blackhawks are RIGHT THERE!

            An NHL located in Wisconsin would almost certainly end up in the city of Milwaukee. During my research I found some obscure rule that says that NHL teams cannot be located within 90 miles of each other. I am not sure how true this is since there are several professional sports teams who literally share a “home” facility. So the total distance for those sports teams is zero. An example is the NBA is the LA Lakers and Clippers. In the NFL the New York Giants and Jets share a field. So this NHL rule is probably bullshit but it is one I have heard of.

Why Do You Even Want an NHL Team?

            Wisconsin is basically “South Canada.” Football season is pretty exciting in Wisconsin but after that there is nothing. The Milwaukee Bucks basically don’t exist to us, the Milwaukee Brewers are usually pretty awful, and we really have nothing to do in general. There are many hockey fans in Wisconsin who are dormant and waiting to be activated by the arrival of an NHL team. Personally, I would be willing to trade away the Bucks and Brewers for an NHL team, I’d rather have one team in a league with some parody instead of two teams who are permanently near the bottom of their respective leagues.


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