Why Were “Bitstrips” So Popular?

By: Brad Manock


           bitstrips There was a bit of a fad on Facebook that blew up not too long ago. During the late 2013 period of time there was a Facebook app that would allow users to create comic book versions of themselves and their friends. These people could then create little comics of these characters into situations and then post the picture of that comic on their Facebook. Now here’s the thing, these “bitstrips” were not funny at all, ever, but it was still a huge fad. Why? I will be discussing that in this article.


It’s all about ME!

            I have noticed that, on my Facebook fan page, if I take credit for something I post it will not get much engagement. If I post something funny but I do not say “by Brad Manock” or anything like that, then it will get a lot more engagement; share, likes, and comments. Bitstrips caters to this concept by allowing users to create characters out of themselves. If they had used vague, generic characters, it would have never taken off the way it did. This is why people never share bitstrips created by other people but they would push their own bitstrips and encourage people to engage. When a person would see a bitstrip created by one of their Facebook friends, their first thought is not how cool that person is, but what they will make their own bitstrip about if they end up making one.


Look how interesting I am!

            These bitstrips would often feature odd situations, there seemed to be an unofficial contest to see who could create the bitstrip with the highest “what the fuck” factor. Things that are funny can be funny for different reasons. Bitstrips were only slightly funny in the opinion of others because of the fact that most of these situations featured in the bitstrips did not make any logical sense. Sometimes if I see or hear something that is very unusual I will laugh just based on how little sense it makes.


Why did it go out of style?

            It ended up going out of style, in my opinion, because everyone was using it. Cool things are cool until EVERYONE starts using it. When bitstrips first came into popularity, I was seeing my comedian friends on Facebook publishing bitstrips and I thought it was a neat concept. A few months later I began seeing my preppy-arrogant-asshole Facebook friends who I am only “friends” with because I went to high school with them, begin to publish bitstrips. Once super arrogant people, the types of people who are the loudest in social situations, begin to use a content creation tool in order to show off, that is when the fad is officially over in my opinion.


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